October 8, 2007

This I like! Sugar squares, movies, and a short walk home…

Posted in Babysitting tagged , at 11:50 am by Lauren

I’m posting posts a bit out of order because what I’ve started to do is save drafts so I’ll remember to write about a thing.

I mentioned already that I have a once a week evening babysitting job. Now I want to basically just outline how awesome it is.

First of all, it is 5 minutes away walking, 10 minutes or less if you time it door to door. This proximity is all that much greater when you think about it in terms of evening babysitting, where the parents may come home around or after midnight. I like being close enough to get home without reliance on public transportation and with reduced chances of harrassment.

The kids are really adorable. Michael is three, and so far he has announced to his mom each time that he is tired and wants to go to bed – before she leaves. I know this is a function of meeting a new babysitter and being shy at first, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. I also get some time to play with him before he goes to bed, which means convincing him to eat his food (or I’ll eat it first), and talking him into asking his mom to put his pajamas on. (I’m that good. Either that or he’s three and incredibly predictable.) His little sister Katharine not only shares a name with my niece, but is fewer than two weeks younger. She is a mover! The first time I met them, their mom showed me all around the apartment, and Katharine crawled behind us from room to room. As soon as she’d make her way to one room and pull herself up on a piece of furniture, we’d be off across the apartment again, and she’d have to get back in gear. She sleeps with a little plush rabbit toy, which she holds up to her nose and sniffs to soothe herself.

The parents are really nice too, from letting me bring Allen to babysitting jobs to sharing with us their monstrous collection of American DVDs. (The first week I watched The Devil Wears Prada, and last week Allen and I watched The Last King of Scotland and part of Napoleon Dynamite. The movies are alphabetized and take up some 7-8 CD cases.) We usually talk a bit when they get home; last week they sat down with us and we all fast-forwarded to the part where Napoleon Dynamite does his dancing. They’ve been here for six years, leaving the country briefly every three months to keep their tourist visas fresh. They keep up a running commentary about their kids that really makes me laugh, from referring to Michael’s term “sugar squares” (meaning Golden Grahams) and then scolding the other for encouraging him, to wondering whether all difficult babies are cute so you won’t beat them and whether if you get an ugly baby that means he’ll be perfectly behaved, to reinacting pretending to sit on Michael’s potty to overwhelm him with jealousy and convince him to use it. If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s a family with an irreverant attitude towards their own children.

And that! is why this is a great babysitting job for me! 🙂


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