October 12, 2007

No such thing as a free lunch?

Posted in Working at 10:51 am by Lauren

Now that I’m no longer working with Allen, there is one thing I am really missing. (Eh hem, that is, besides you, Allen.) What I am really having a hard time living without these days are those free lunches in the office cafeteria. Right now, at 12:30 on a Friday, I am pouring myself a bowl of Fitness cereal (a health cereal with actual flakes dipped/covered in actual chocolate…but that’s another story). If I were at work with Allen, I’d instead by lining up in the cafeteria, taking a tray and a roll, choosing three items with difficulty among the many desserts and sides, then choosing the main dish which also included one or two sides. To finish it off, cold, sweet, cold water, which is a luxury to me these days.

For the sake of making myself drool into my cereal, I will give you a few examples of delicious meals I have had at the hands of the French cafeteria workers.

Some desserts I have enjoyed: fresh pineapple (a quarter of the pineapple, still in the rind), fresh mango, various yogurts and puddings, pain perdu (leftover rolls cut in half and cooked in a simple syrup with a smattering of sugar on top), Paris-Brest pastries, chocolate eclairs, hazelnut cream with a pirouette.

The small side dishes defy explanation because I just don’t know what to call them or what they are. Some identifiable ones have included some kind of cold soup (cucumber?) with smoked salmon, various pates with toast, dry salami, pickled beets (beeeeeeets!!!), a whole tomato with mozzarella slices wedged into slices in the tomato (!), and various salads.

Lastly, the entree bar, where it was quite common to see salmon (and many other fishes), lamb, and veal mixed in with the chicken, beef, and pork. Allen and I really liked a lamb and couscous dish. A stuffed veal entree was pretty good as well (until I got sick about looking at the meat because I’d been listening to Peter, Bjorn, and John who sing, “flesh is flesh, flesh is flesh is flesh,” and sometimes I just can’t think about “flesh” while I’m eating it). One day I enjoyed a salmon stuffed crepe. Probably my favorite two dishes were a pork tenderloin dish with a wine sauce (similar to a pork dish that my brother-in-law Ryan makes), and a moist orange-infused chicken breast.

 And now, to the weight loss in France update. Not! So, back to my Fitness cereal. 😉  


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