October 12, 2007

The first day – or should I say week? – of Christmas!

Posted in Cross Stitching tagged , , , at 2:48 pm by Lauren

Christmas is coming!

Okay, it’s just October. But if you haven’t started your Christmas cross stitch projects before October, you’re doomed, and you’re really working on finishing them for the next Christmas. So, as far as cross stitch is concerned, Christmas is coming!

This year, I’m working on a project that I bought too late last year to start in time for last Christmas. It’s a Prairie Schooler design of the 12 Days of Christmas, with a Santa and a depiction of the gifts of the day on each separate piece. I plan to make them into ornaments. I’ve finished the first day of Christmas, but it took me a week, hence the title. At this rate, I’m not going to be done with all 12 in time for Christmas. (See, you have to start early.) I’m more than halfway through the second one. I’m finding the colors very interesting because I didn’t think I’d like some of the combinations when I bought the threads, but they seem to work together and come off as very bold.

Without further ado, let me present the First Day of Christmas a la Prairie Schooler!

First Day of Christmas



  1. Cate said,

    So pretty! And having seen them in person now, as well, can I say again how I love the alteration to make the borders all consistent? I really do! …So what will you be doing with these next season to celebrate their completion?

  2. […] those choices, and I decided to stall. I’ve been working on Prairie Schooler’s set of Santa’s 12 Days of Christmas since …. (In fact, I’ve been working on it since the month I started this blog, which would have been […]

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