November 23, 2007

Americans stole Halloween from the Scots

Posted in Exploring tagged , , at 10:45 pm by Lauren

Mary and Iain share a wealth of knowledge between them, rivaled only by their wealth of hospitality.  Wednesday night’s major theme was that the Americans stole Halloween from the Scots. (And then, we did what Americans do: we commercialized it!) The major difference between the Scottish and American Halloweens are as follows:1. Scots carve turnips; Americans carve pumpkins.2. Americans demand treats and threaten tricks; Scottish children offer up a song or joke to earn their treats.We had thirteen children visit, in between courses of our delicious dinner of scotch broth (a broth with anything in the house “entilt”), a moist chicken that fell off the bones, and a “pudding” (dessert) of honeycomb ice cream with strawberries. Of the thirteen visitors, three were inspired by American culture. And what did our culture contribute to this neighborhood’s Halloween celebration? An “American cheerleader” (complete with High School Musical shirt), Freddy Kruger, and Jason. The latter two were very surprised that we recognized their names, to which we could only reply, “We’re American.” 


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