December 6, 2007

Last hours of Scotland

Posted in Exploring tagged , , , at 11:18 am by Lauren

Never ones to waste a moment, Mary and Iain had us touring again on Saturday morning, and we happily piled into the car to head to Pollok County Park, an expansive parkland in the middle of Glasgow. We saw some “hairy coos,” Highland cattle, marvelled at the fall colors, and visited a Clydesdale stables. (Did you know Clydesdales are native to that area? I never really thought about it. The river Clyde runs through Glasgow – and now you know.) We then toured Pollok House, which has an interesting collection of El Greco paintings, and moved on to the Burrell Collection, specifically the tapestries (of which my favorite was the thistles in blue and white). We ate at the museum; I had a baked potato with “tuna and sweet corn mayonnaise,” which is in fact tuna salad with corn, and chocolate caramel squares for dessert. At lunch we overhead and approached a man who’d been a child during World War II and who’d seen the American soldiers camped out on the field the cafeteria overlooked.

After lunch, we headed straight to the airport, but realizing we were running ahead of schedule we took a detour to Troon, a seaside village that’s becoming a popular golf resort town. Standing by the sea taking in the salty air was a wonderful way to end our trip to Scotland, and we’ve been promised “Highlands and islands” by Mary and Iain if we’d only return in better weather.


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