December 6, 2007

The longest mile in Europe

Posted in Exploring tagged , , , at 11:09 am by Lauren

I have so many things to say about Scotland – a trip we took a full month ago – that I’ve let myself get caught up in writing it in pieces and as a result let everything else fall to the wayside. We may have just lost a month of my life… 

So, here’s the quickie update on Friday, November 2 in Scotland. Allen and I took the bus to Edinburgh, hiked straight to the castle and looked at everything (yes, everything), especially the view. We then walked the Royal Mile, peering down the tiny alleyways called closes, eyeing the tartans in the tourist shops, and stopping at notable sites (according to the guide book). We wandered the graveyard at Cannongate Church, tiptoed around the cathedral, gazed through the gates of Holyrood Palace (only one highly expensive tourist attraction – the castle – in one day), and splurged on a Starbucks coffee. (That last bit is a little embarrassing. However, we have already been punished by Starbucks itself because the prices in pounds looked a little too close to prices in dollars for our ultimate comfort.) Walking the Royal Mile took most of the day, but when we were done, we went over to Princes Street, Rose Street, and Georges Street and walked up and down looking in shop windows. I indulged in some Christmas cards from Paperchase and a Cadbury Flake Bar (a favorite since we lived in Turkey).

Back in Glasgow, we picked up fish and chips for dinner. The whole meal was covered in vinegar and melted away in your mouth. I could eat that every day! I got a laugh when Allen ordered the “fish suppers,” and the woman just looked at him, presumably surprised by his American accent. Fortunately, it didn’t stop us from getting and digging in to the fried and vinegar goodness!


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