January 5, 2008

A little treat I like to call the “barfing flu”

Posted in Daily life at 6:09 pm by Lauren

When I spoke to Ryan on Friday night from Chicago, he told me that Stephanie and Katherine were both sleeping after suffering for hours from food poisoning. He’d been in California and caught a red-eye flight to return and care for them.

Saturday afternoon when Ryan picked me up, he had just started to feel stomach cramps. We got home from the airport, and he went upstairs. Several hours later, he called down to Stephanie, “Come up here! I’m feeling nauseous!” It wasn’t food poisoning.

Sunday I had a mental countdown of the incubation period. Ryan had developed it within 30 hours of returning home. By hour 30, I would be at Breana’s house, exchanging gifts with the CAL girls and trying not to breath on her two children.

Somehow Sunday night passed without flu symptoms, despite my having let Katie put her slobbery hand in my mouth on Saturday. I relaxed.

Tuesday morning, I poured myself a glass of Ryan’s Gatorade.

Wednesday, after the visa appointment, after seeing Shari, while at the mall with Catherine S., my stomach jolted and cramped. I felt hot and nauseous. My incubation period had been about 34 hours, but it had arrived.

To summarize, I had a variety of pleasant flu symptoms including copious vomiting. I started to throw up shortly after midnight and slept between bouts. I’d sleep for an hour or 45 minutes, wake, spend 15 minutes in great discomfort, throw up, and then sleep again. By morning I had finished throwing up and was faced with cleaning up.

Not to let the barfing flu conquer me, I went to a movie that afternoon, and I had dinner with Rebecca and Chris that night. (I did sleep for an hour in Rebecca’s Springfield hotel room while she worked out.) When you only have a week to see everyone, you do what you have to do, barfing flu or not.



  1. Elliott said,

    I feel bad commenting only on the barf post (I did read the others), but it is one I can certainly relate to. I have had a similar bug the last couple of weeks or so. No barfing however, just the impending feeling of barfing (i.e. mouth watering, throat opening up, hot, etc.)

    I was not ever sick up through college. Now I get it every year! Is the flu getting stronger or is my immune system weaker?

  2. chezschmanz said,

    Sorry to hear you were feeling ill. So, do you get the flu shot? I am always curious about who does. I haven’t had the flu in years, but I don’t get the flu shot either.

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