January 12, 2008

Arnold Schwarzenegger bust…sold?

Posted in Exploring tagged , , , at 9:22 pm by Lauren

I have a little joke with myself that I call my “Weird Tour of Paris.” The Weird Tour of Paris includes all of the really strange (or just unique) things I see in shop windows on my walks to work, and I enjoy sharing them with friends visiting the city.

But today, one of my Weird Tour landmarks disappeared. In the window of a comics shop that I pass, there has a been a bust of Arnold Schwarzenegger as long as I’ve been walking that path. I have never decided whether it is a life-sized bust or slightly smaller than life-size. It occurs to me that for all that Arnold looks like a very large man, he may actually have a small to average head. I think the bust may represent Arnold circa the Terminator movies; he has at least three bullet holes in his face and shoulder.

But now, Arnold is gone. So I have to ask: did someone buy the quasi-life-size bust of Arnold Schwarzenegger?


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