January 12, 2008

Back to work!

Posted in Babysitting tagged , at 9:22 pm by Lauren

Oops! I really thought that one of the mothers had told me she’d be on vacation until February 1. That is how I found myself very surprised at 1 pm on Monday to hear that she and her friend (the two moms with one-year-olds) wanted me to come by at 3 pm, our regular time. So, here I am, back to work already.

I can’t say it’s a bad thing. For one thing, Allen’s out of the country (in the States) until the 17th. For another thing, my original plans for today including saying goodbye to Elizabeth (check) and then sitting around all day in my pajamas without a shower so that my skin could rebuild some of its natural oils. I’ve been feeling very dry lately, if you must know.

Thursday I tutored Adrienne, and tomorrow I’m back to my regular schedule of English lessons with both girls. So, my two main jobs are back already. On the up side, I still don’t need to get up before 2 pm in the foreseeable future.

I also have a new opportunity. Natsumi’s mother recommended me to a friend who’d like to learn English. I agreed to talk to her, to at least find out what her goals would be and what her current level is. I’m a little terrified at the idea of teaching an adult though.

I expect to get back to babysitting in the evenings as soon as Mimi and Jack recover from New Year’s (just kidding!) and get the kids back in school and the creche. Then Noah and his mom come back around January 21, and then I’ll be a busy lady again.

Until then, feel free not to wake me before 2.


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