January 12, 2008

New Year’s Day: Recovery

Posted in Daily life, Exploring tagged , , , , , , at 9:22 pm by Lauren

The next day Elizabeth kindly woke me – a few times as I tried to snatch a little more sleep in between each knock on the door. We were downstairs around 2 pm, and it seemed that maybe people had just finished eating lunch. I couldn’t tell that there was anything to eat on the table, so we snuck into the kitchen and pilfered bags of cookies. We exited the kitchen by way of a back door, remembering that if we went through Mimi and Jack’s room, we’d hit the back stairwell and likely miss anyone while we snuck to our rooms. But we ran into Mimi, who then invited us to come sit in the conference room where her son Michael was coloring. (Shortly after Jack came in and asked why all the English speakers were hiding back there away from the French.) We munched our cookie lunch, and then agreed to go outside with their family as they went to go find the ducks. But what started as a duck-feeding expedition turned into a demonstration of how to throw rocks and sticks instead (to break ice in the moat).

After a while, Elizabeth and I broke away and wandered the outer limits of the chateau’s land in the other direction. We found a short wooded trail and enjoyed a very sunny and clear day by taking even more pictures. (These pictures, by the way, are currently and finally being added to Picasa, along with everything else we’ve taken in Paris and in Scotland. I hope to have them up shortly (so, March?).) And somehow, we frittered away the whole day, and it was 7 pm and time to return to the train station and to Paris.


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