January 13, 2008

Posting pictures, at last!

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , at 3:16 pm by Lauren

If you look to the right of your screen, you should now see a box that says, “Pictures,” with a link to our pictures on Picasa. Finally! Everything’s up there now except the pictures we took in Scotland and the pictures Allen took before I arrived. This is a very exciting day for me (and was a very exciting late night yesterday)!

I started out with Flickr but wasn’t ready to upgrade with them as quickly as I needed to. It seemed like no time before I maxed out the number of pictures I could put up, and I hadn’t yet decided if I loved the site or not. A friend of mine uses Picasa (Google’s photo application), and they turned out to have a lot of storage. So all of my hundreds of pictures are up there now, without me having had to pay. However, I don’t think I can tag pictures like you can on Flickr.

Putting pictures on Picasa still took me a while. I wanted to caption everything (sheesh), and I began experimenting with their photo fixing tools. Now you know I’ve been cheating. Do most professional photographers tweak their photos? I’m just wondering how bad my original pictures are (not that I think they’re professional). I’ve become slightly addicted to the “Sharpen” effect. I like to be able to see the ripples in the water or the cracks in the stone wall. I just hope I’m not giving my photos a fake look by “perfecting” them too much.

So here is my question to you all: What tweaks or fixes do you do to photos before you share them with the world?



  1. Elliott said,

    I use Flickr to post my pics. Flickr recently added a function to fix photos. I am a big proponent of “Auto-fix”!

    Most of my indoor pictures under low light look pretty bad (blurry, grainy, etc.); there is no auto-fixing them. I don’t know whether it is user error or if my camera is limited in ability. And when I turn the flash on, the pictures look cold and ugly.

    I am excited you put your pictures up. Now, I am off to see them!

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  3. Scott Parker said,

    I use photoshop alot at work for mostly fixing lighting problems, (backlighting, too dark, contrast). Sometimes use the sharpening for when I blow up a picture or part of a picture, you tend to get more pixelating, (is that a real word?), when you blow it up. Haven’t you heard of retouched photos? The pros have doing it for years. See Ya, Scott

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