January 15, 2008

My mundane life – Paris or no Paris!

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , , , at 11:43 pm by Lauren

This post will be a little off the norm for me. I’ve been trying to post only when I had some big story to tell or to give a major update about my life (or pictures). But two things happen: I get stuck for days or weeks before I write about the bigger things, and I neglect the smaller things that happen when bigger things aren’t consuming me. (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bust might disagree.) So today I’m going to write about a few of the smaller (or are they – oh no! – less interesting?) things going on in my life.

First of all, we’re gearing up for a spring full of visitors. Starting in March, we’re expecting two a month! Let’s hope nobody gets hurt.

Allen’s been gone since the first, in the States for work and to visit his family. I’m jealous, though it was just me there visiting our abnormally talkative little niece. She calls him Todo, which stands for Tonton, which is diminutive for “ton oncle” or “your uncle” in French. Todo will be back on Thursday, January 17 – just a few more days!

Allen and I have both been tearing our hair about the renter situation in our house. One of our renters announced he was quitting his doctorate and moving back home. Oops. Know anyone who wants to rent a bedroom in a shared house in DC?

I am still walking as much as I can over here. I know that may seem boring to you, but walking is the most interesting part of my day. That’s right. It’s been raining a lot, meaning I have to take the metro one way to or from babysitting, but except for today, I’ve been able to walk at least one way. Each time I get to walk, it’s 2.25 miles, so usually I clock 4.5 miles a day, and it’s very fulfilling. I’ll have to find a way to keep this up when I get back to the States!

The twice-yearly soldes or sales have started in France. Unfortunately, we’re stockpiling euros to pay the electricity bill (which is coming this month for the past six months’ electricity usage!). No shopping triumphs just yet.

Finally, I’m considering starting a second blog in which I review every last thing I do in Paris – more of a travel review blog than a personal ramble like this one. I’m even thinking of starting a cross stitch blog. You may be surprised how much I have to say.

I think I’ll categorize this one under “Daily Life.”


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