January 24, 2008

Low budget television?

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , at 1:06 am by Lauren

Apparently, I am a spoiled American. This probably doesn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone else, but I myself am a little taken aback. I’m not usually the type of person who says, “Wow, my country does this so much better.” Hopefully that’s not exactly what I’m doing now.

What I mean to say is, I’ve been watching TV in French lately, and everything looks so low-budget. But it’s not just the French TV shows. The American shows look low-budget too. I mean, Ugly Betty, House, those crime shows – they all look very low-budget. It’s got to be something about the French cable transmission. It couldn’t be – oh no – that the American shows are dubbed and thus the sound and visuals aren’t in synch. Okay, I honestly did consider that option. But it’s something about the lighting and the color. If I were really curious, I’d research the differences between French and American TV transmission, but frankly, I’m happy to stick with my opinions on this one.

Sorry, France. You sure do know how to make a baguette though.



  1. Elliott said,

    It is funny you blogged about French TV. I was reading the Economist today (which I like to do when I fly, plus it makes me feel smart!) and they wrote about French TV. It agrees with your hypothesis that French TV stations are low budget.


  2. chezschmanz said,

    Thanks for the article! The Economist does make you smart!

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