January 27, 2008

Mussels from Brussels

Posted in Food tagged , , at 5:51 pm by Lauren

This afternoon Allen and I met our friend Ann at Leon in the 6th. Leon is a chain of Belgian mussel restaurants, and we were in the mood for some moules frites! Allen and I opted for the Menu Leon, a huge tub of mussels (800 g), fries on the side, and a choice of desserts (creme brulee for me and a gaufre with powdered sugar for Allen). All that for 16.60 euros – not terrible. We chose moules a la mariniere, which is the basic white wine and garlic treatment, but Leon offers at least 15 different types of preparations. The service was very good, and I got a laugh out of watching the waiter play games with the below 10-year-old crowd (and there were many of them) at his tables.

We visited the Leon location in the 6th arrondissement, but this chain is all over town. It might be a good choice for tourists (who like mussels of course) during lunch time because they have a 11.50 euro menu that includes mussels, fries, and dessert.

We spent about two hours with Ann, but didn’t realize how long our lunch had been until we got home! That’s French eating for you! We were very glad to have gotten out to enjoy the nice weather today and to catch up with Ann, who we hadn’t seen since before Christmas. We’re hoping to enjoy Paris’ restaurants more often this spring, so stay tuned for more culinary adventures in the City of Lights!


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