February 2, 2008

Friday night is feast night!

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On Friday night we had the pleasure of having dinner at Mimi and Jack’s apartment. This came about because last Friday they returned from their night out at 12:30 am, and we all sat around and talked until 2:45 am. I suggested, with great apologies for inviting ourselves over, that perhaps we could come over for dinner one night and hang out at a more reasonable hour. (We really can’t have them and their two young children – and us – in our 210 square foot apartment. And eat dinner. Goodness.)

We had a lot of food – and a lot of wine – starting with saucisson sec and carrot sticks with hummous and stuffed mushroom caps, along with glasses of champagne; moving to a Moroccan blush Gris de Guerrouane (which Allen and I brought over) with red pepper soup; followed by two bottles of red wine (and never fear – three bottles of water) with rotisserie chicken, roasted potatoes, and brussel sprouts; and finishing with Laduree macaroons (lemon, chocolat amer (bitter chocolate), pistachio, coffee, caramel, and raspberry) and homemade moelleux au chocolat (molten chocolate cake). A feast! (Of the macaroons, coffee was a new favorite, pistachio was the old favorite, and lemon and caramel won our hearts all over again too.) 

We talked about whether sexuality or violence was more dangerous for children, our thoughts about the presidential candidates, Jack’s post-college travel where he stumbled into a couple of week’s stay with Russian religious refugees in Rome (say that five times fast!), and anything else that came to mind. (Are we grown-ups now?) In my next post, I’m going to pose a question we discussed at the table and invite your responses. 

The night flew by, and in the end, we left at 3:15 am. So much for hanging out at a more reasonable hour. I’m sure they must have been exhausted this morning when they got up with the kids, as Allen and I were certainly exhausted (and we didn’t see the morning this Saturday). But we had a great time!


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