February 2, 2008

January, the month of work

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , at 6:04 pm by Lauren

If my title rings true, maybe we should all be glad that January is over! I’ve noticed that January seems to be a busy time for workers in France. With the soldes, many shops are closing for some kind of interior work – either they’ve already closed, or they’re closing after the sales and using that as an excuse to discount things more. I’ve also noticed a lot of scaffolding going up on Ile Saint Louis, though fortunately our courtyard has been scaffolding free since December!

Unfortunately though – and the real point of this post – is that the Eutelsat hot air balloon operation in Paris is undergoing some type of work. The hot air balloon is out of commission from January until April of this year. Boo! I was pretty disappointed to hear this. First of all, I was trying to write a travel article about it, which now turns out to be not very timely. Secondly, I really wanted to bring my parents and brother when they visit in March. I did want to make a note of it here in my blog, though, because some of my regular blog traffic comes from people searching for information on the hot air balloon in Paris. I guess I’ll see you at the Eiffel Tower instead!


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