February 5, 2008

Changes abound at Chez Schmanz

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , , , , at 12:08 am by Lauren

Quasi-unemployment leaves me plenty of time to think, and lots of time to think leads to new ideas! As of this week, I have a couple of new goals for Chez Schmanz as well as an exciting new project.

I discovered “blog stats” about a month ago (I’m a slow learner), and I’ve been watching my increasing (though still small) readership and seeing what posts, tags, and search terms garner the most interest. While I’ll continue to keep my blog personal, you may find more information that would be helpful to those who don’t know me but are visiting the places I write about.

Next, I plan to ask more questions in my blog posts and comment more on my blog. Not for no reason, of course, but to respond to those who comment to me. I enjoy receiving comments, and I would love to build more of a community here. I think inviting comments from readers and responding to comments fit into that goal.

I also want to add more pictures to illustrate my posts. That involves a little forethought, but I’ll do my best. I find that I enjoy reading blogs that mix photographs with stories; I hope you will too!

Finally, I would like to formally introduce you to my new blog project, Gallery Schmanz. Friends, readers, meet Gallery Schmanz. Gallery Schmanz is a complementary blog to Chez Schmanz in which I will post at least one picture a day. (Perhaps I should aim for one picture a day, five times a week. Go easy on me at first.) This is a way for me to encourage myself to take more pictures and to share more pictures with you! But I won’t be sharing just any picture; I will choose photographs that are evocative and telling about my experience (and life in general) in Paris. Unlike my Picasa page, Gallery Schmanz will highlight only a few pictures per post. I will continue to post additional folders on my Picasa page for those that want to see it all! You can find Gallery Schmanz under Pictures on the sidebar.

Comments on these changes or suggestions for further improvement are very welcome! Thanks for reading!


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