February 7, 2008

My first framed cross stitch project

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I am a fabulous stitcher. I am meticulous, avoid knots, and frog (pull out) incorrect stitches. And when I finish my cross stitch project, I put it in a drawer.

It’s true. Hours and hours of work put into making a beautiful heirloom quality cross stitch piece, and absolutely no effort given to displaying it. It’s actually a little embarrassing.

While I don’t routinely make New Years resolutions, I do try to set concrete goals for myself for the coming year. Last year, I made a few cross stitch goals. Complete at least two projects. Frame at least three.

The only framing I’d done so far was for gifts for others. It’s great to make things for others, but sometimes a little selfishness is a good thing too. So, this summer, when I finally had some free time – in Panama City, Florida with my parents – I stitched up a piece for Allen. (Don’t throw up. I found a pattern with a verse from a poem he’d sent me once.) I changed all the colors because I didn’t fancy the original ones. (The pattern is “Be My Love” by Carriage House Samplings.) While Dad hit the links, Mom and I stitched some 10 hours a day (eek). I finished the piece and brought it in for framing in September, right before I left for France. My very kind friend Cate picked it up for me in October and mailed it here. And so I present to you my first framed cross stitch project for us.

Be My Love Carriage House Samplings 

For Christmas, my parents gave me a gift certificate for framing at our local cross stitch store. I brought three pieces for framing – one was from 2004! Cate has just picked those up, and she’ll be sending pictures. (Thanks, Cate!) So this post hopefully precedes another with more pictures of the three other pieces I got framed in 2007. Hoorah! I met my goal! (As for completing two pieces, I finished the one piece during the Panama City trip, and I finished a girly ridiculous Valentine’s type of piece that I chose for its antique curlique vines.) I hope the other stitchers out there enjoy the picture, and I’ll try to add more cross stitch updates as I force myself to do some more work!



  1. Susan said,

    That’s great. I too love to cross stitch, am pretty good & rarely get them framed. Good for you in having a plan to get some framed for you & not just to give away.

  2. Cate said,

    Pictures of the three (beautiful!) newly framed pieces are coming!

  3. Judy said,

    I’m leaving next month for Paris and found your site while looking for cross stitch shops in Paris. I too put finished projects away but when I discover them it’s like Christmas for me! Do you have a favorite shop in Paris? I like the one in Passages Joufrey(?), I hooe it’s stil there.

  4. Edith said,

    I like cross stitching a lot. Iam trying to make a family tree in cross stitching.The family has about 105 people in it.It will have flower for the border,weddingdays,an no birthdays.Did you do a family tree in cross stitching?I need a picture for an idea of what might look like.Please write me back.Thank you.

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