February 8, 2008

Remember candy necklaces?

Posted in Exploring, Food tagged , , , , at 12:40 am by Lauren

Of course you remember candy necklaces. The little hard sugary candies in a range of pastels were strung on an elastic string, worn around your neck, and chewed off until you’d broken teeth or developed cavities or both.

Next question: Remember my Weird Tour of Paris? You know, the one with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bust? (Turns out Arnold didn’t find a home; he was relegated to a back shelf inside the store.)

How can we combine those two things to make a great story. I know, let’s take candy necklaces and make an actual bikini out of them!

You’d think I was joking, but I don’t joke about candy necklace bikinis, and I certainly don’t joke about the Weird Tour. Unfortunately for the world, the store proudly displaying the candy necklace bikini on a mannequin in the window (15th arrondissement, corner of rue Vaugirard and avenue du Maine, next to the Necker Pharmacie) is going out of business. I’ve preserved its image here – may we never forget.

Candy Bikini

Never fear. The Weird Tour of Paris will not be diminished by the lack of this stop. I’m always on the look-out for new landmarks.


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