February 12, 2008

Merguez and couscous

Posted in Daily life, Food tagged , , , , at 1:53 am by Lauren

After a late night babysitting on Friday, Allen and I slept in on Saturday. Around 2:30, we headed out on a few errands. At Monoprix, aside from the food, I bought a styling new grocery bag for a mere 80 centimes. At that price, it makes sense to stop wasting disposable plastic bags. (It makes sense anyway, but with a range of colors of big reusable shopping bags at Monoprix every week, for a mere 80 centimes, the question is more: why isn’t everybody using reusable bags?) I already had a black bag with gold designs, and now I have a brown bag with pink designs. (Guess which one Allen has decided is “mine” now?) The bags fold up and fit into a pouch about the size of an adult fist. Perfect for the purse.

At Monoprix, we picked up some merguez (lamb sausage) to go with the boxes and boxes of couscous we have in our pantry closet. Allen was disappointed when he realized we couldn’t have them for dinner Saturday night because I had babysitting. However, my babysitting was cancelled. What excitement! Merguez and couscous!

Saturday in Paris in 200 words or less: reusable grocery bags, merguez and couscous.



  1. Lorraine Vavul said,

    I am trying to find a business who sells the grocery bags with pouch –exactly like the ones at Monoprix. Our school (in Indiana, USA) would like to put a kid drawn picture on the side of the bag so it would need to be blank. Any leads would be REALLY appreciated.

  2. Lauren said,


    This sounds like a fun project. What do you plan to do with them? Is it for a fundraiser? (I’m a teacher – always looking for more ideas.) I’ll keep my eyes open. Anyone have any ideas about where to find bags like this that are blank? I’ll take and post a picture soon, in case that helps.

  3. I happened by because I forgot to by Monoprix bags in Paris and was looking for a way to buy them online. But I also have an answer to where you can find something similar:


    I have a bag that I got at a ‘green’ event, and I use it all the time.

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