February 15, 2008

All solde out

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The soldes, or twice-yearly sales, are ending Saturday, February 16. I can’t say I’ll be sad to see them go, as all they’ve brought me is a sense of longing for material things (generally) and pants in my size (specifically). I visited two Camaieu boutiques, Promod, Zara, two Sud Express boutiques, and a few other stores that looked promising.

The major problem is that while the soldes promise discounts as high as 75% from the original prices, my need to pay the electricity bill with my first euros of 2008 meant I had to wait until much of the good stuff had been picked over. Or at least all of the size 46 pants. Several days of hitting different stores resulted in only one purchase: a black sweater that at 50% off was still 30 euros. Zara taunted me with a perfect black dress that fit – barely. And I have more self-control and pride than to buy things that don’t fit anymore. (Stacy and Clinton would be proud too.) So, I’ve got a sweater. And while the dream of size 46 pants at 15 euros or less still makes me smile, it’s more likely I’ll be back to Camaieu to pick a few pairs out at full price. Because let’s face it – paying full price for pants is far better than wearing one pair of jeans from October to February. I should know.


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