February 18, 2008

No bees, no honey, no work, no money!

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Here are the three cross stitch pieces that I had framed this winter.

The first is “No Bees, No Honey” by Birds of a Feather. I stitched this piece in 2004, which you could guess by the initials if the date weren’t there. All of the threads are variegated, it’s stitched on a hand-dyed cloth (look closely to see the differences in dye on the linen), and I chose a weathered and beaten wooden frame. My mom also did this same piece several years ago and chose a frame with gold accents.

No Bees No Honey

The next two pieces are by M Designs, in their alphabet series which is based on a set of letters from the 1500s. I stitched the S and the J to represent Allen’s and my last names. They will hang together somewhere! I chose the variegated wine-colored thread on a light yellow linen when we had a paint called stucco on our walls at the condo. The frame is a cherry wood. Miraculously, I chose one of the least expensive frames in the shop – that rarely happens! Usually I have an eye for the crippingly-pricey options.

S and J together

Now I’m adding two pictures of the S and the J separately. You can get a better look at the variegation in the thread with these two pictures. For those who aren’t familiar with variegated thread, this piece took one long strand of thread that was dyed to fade to different colors throughout.

Here is a larger picture of the M Designs “S” on its own:

S M Designs 

Here is a larger picture of the M Designs “J” on its own:

J M Designs

I’m very excited to have pictures of these projects to share now. I’ll be even more excited when we return to the States, and I can display them somewhere.

I have to give my appreciation to Cate both for picking up these pieces at In Stitches Needlework in Alexandria and for sending these wonderful pictures. Thank you!


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  1. Nicholas said,

    Heh, I love the bee house. Cross stitches are always fun to look at. I don’t think I could ever muster the patience to complete one though. Thank god there are some of us who are skilled and patient enough to do so.

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