February 26, 2008

Another fresh Italian dinner at L’Epicerie Fuxia

Posted in Food tagged , , , at 1:13 am by Lauren

With the carte de sejour business behind me, it was time to enjoy Elizabeth’s visit! Allen’s colleague Michael was also in town, so Thursday night found the four of us at L’Epicerie Fuxia, or as we call it, The Italian Place. Michael asked us, “So, this is your favorite place to eat, is it?” At first we kind of denied it, “Well, it’s just that we know it’s good, and it’s reasonably priced, so we keep coming back.” (Meanwhile Allen ordered the lasagne carne for the 10th time. Literally.) But by the end of the meal, I realized the restaurant was fully deserving of being our favorite restaurant. So there.

Elizabeth ordered an eggplant dish, and Michael chose the scallopine parma. I went for one of the daily specials, the scallopine toscana. Heaven! Two thin slices of veal scallopine with sauteed bell peppers and oh-so-fresh artichokes with a faintly tomato-based sauce. On the side was a handful of penne pasta. It was wonderful. Elizabeth and I also ordered prosecco for an aperitif, which was very good, and we tried a new red wine with dinner. We shared a tiramisu among the four of us for dessert.

Sound good to you? Come visit us, and we’re sure to bring you there. Just ask our former guests.


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