February 26, 2008

More pictures on Picasa

Posted in Daily life, Exploring tagged , , , at 1:34 am by Lauren

I’m working on getting my blog up-to-date with Elizabeth’s visit from last week. I’m just missing the events of the weekend. (And don’t worry – I did a whole lot of nothing today (Monday) so I wouldn’t have to write anything about it.) But in the meantime, I’ve put all my pictures up on Picasa.

You’ll find several new albums there. I’ve added new babysitting pictures (of Roxanne, and in a new album with Michael and Katharine). I also added pictures of my tutoring kids, Adrienne and Natsumi.

Then I made an album called Restaurants in Paris, which so far only includes pictures from La Nature a Paris and L’A.O.C. The day Allen and I spent at Canal Saint Martin with Antoine and Typhaine is documented in an album.

The biggest album is pictures from Elizabeth’s recent visit. Once I get those last two blog posts up, those pictures might make a bit more sense.

The final new album is simply called February in Paris. It contains all of the “leftover” photos that I took around Paris on my daily walks. I have to do something with all the pictures that remain after I choose my daily Gallery Schmanz pick!


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