March 3, 2008

Ze blogging

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During her recent visit, my friend Elizabeth asked me which blogs I read often. I didn’t have much of a blogroll to boast of, so I started looking through a few of the blogs I do read and checking out their blogrolls. So now I’ve added several bloggers to my list who I think I’ll enjoy reading (and some of the blogs were so interesting I’ve already gone back several months!), in two new categories: Blogs in France and Blogs in Paris.

Blogs in France:

Chez Loulou combines photos du jour with recipes and information for foodies. I’m looking forward to trying some of her recipes, and her pictures of the South of France are great.

Kim at Francophoney is living in Le Havre, going to school, and teaching. Yes, I have much more to read, I’m sure. But she posted earlier this week about teaching with blogs, which is the secret ambition of my life (shhh!), so I will go back for more.

My So Called Life in France stars Madame K, a New Yorker in Metz. I’m really enjoying her irreverant style. Her post about Madame Snaggle-Tooth made me laugh out loud because interacting with the French is just so….so. “Now I understand perfectly.”

Sam de Bretagne is a Minnesotan living in Bretagne (Brittany) with a Frenchman. I like her writing style, and I appreciated her recent post in which she admits that life in the US might be for her: Sam de Bretagne: All good things come to an end. That’s something we at Chez Schmanz have trouble confessing when we’re feeling it.

Soupe du Jour is written by an Australian in Annecy. So far I’ve enjoyed reading her posts about her kids and her complaining neighbors.

The Same Only Different is Joy Suzanne’s account of living in Montpellier! Oh how those pictures made me long to be there again. Her Christmas pictures were killing me. People, I know you love Paris, and it’s certainly starting to grow on me, but Montpellier will always hold my heart.

Blogs in Paris:

The American author of A Pretty How Town isn’t in Paris yet, but her family moved from France to Mexico and are moving back, probably to Paris. I decided she could go on the Blogs in Paris lineup anyway.

The first post I read on Frog with a Blog had a conversation between the blogger and some poor sap who’d been taught to say “I am foreskin” by a colleague who was messing with her. Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have more contact with French speakers…

L’Étrangère Americaine is an American teaching assistant in the Paris suburbs. I kind of want to email her. Is that weird? I’m just saying – we’re both expats in Paris, sounds like she got here at the same time, both teachers, and I liked her blog.

Aside from having a witty blog name, Le Blagueur a Paris also has a sharp and entertaining writing style. This is not surprising, as she’s a writer, so you’ll also find frequent links to her articles at Gridskipper (which can be nice for those of you who prefer the more “informational” blogs).

Petite Anglaise is an English woman whose blog got her fired and then a book contract. Not bad. I like her easy writing style, and though a lot of her posts lately have been about the recent release of her book, who can blame her? But when she is posting about her life, it’s an easy and engaging read.  

Polly-Vous Francais has quite a famous blog, from what I see on others’ blogrolls. Her blog is a bit more informational, but she does it well. (Usually I go for the more personal blogs, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.)

After all these new blogs on my blogroll, you are probably asking: Lauren, did you do anything besides reading blogs this weekend? (And also, do you speak to your husband?) And the answer is: mostly, no. I did take a really nice walk with Allen, which I’ll blog about with pictures tomorrow. Other than that, let’s see…I think I might have read a blog or two…


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