March 7, 2008

Fittex bil-Google

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We took a fantastic hike today, covering much of the northern end of Malta. I suspect it was over 10 miles long, but when I went to Gmaps Pedometer to check it out, I was surprised to find that none of the roads in Malta are mapped on Google! I confirmed this on Google Maps as well. (Search for “Malta” on Google Maps. It’s kind of funny to see the unmarked form of the islands.)

So, no exact mileage for our crazy walk. But it was five hours long, involved several bays and two coasts, and even more threats to our life as we walked along the side of the Maltese roads. (Half was on rough terrain, but on the way home, we opted for road travel.)

Other updates on our trip to Malta:

Still no luggage for my Mom. Has anyone had luck having an airline reimburse them for lost luggage?

I have seen at least 50 cats, usually in very large groups. Today I saw 15 cats in a small pen with one sunning on the tin roof.

According to Google Malta, “inhossni xxurtjat” is how you say “I feel lucky.” At least, that is what is written on that search button.

Divorces are not legal in Malta. If you are married here, there is no divorce law to apply!

The Mediterranean is exactly as blue as you imagine it, and unfortunately tiramisu gelato is also exactly as rich as you imagine it.


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  1. Cate said,

    So…herds of cats. Who knew! 🙂

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