March 9, 2008

How dare we sleep in on vacation!

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Instead of rising early and going to Gozo today (Saturday), everyone slept in. Our vacation is ruined!

Okay, not so. We decided we didn’t have time to go to the Hypogeum to find precious “first come, first serve” tickets by noon, so we referred to our Top Ten book for other inspiration. That is how we ended up spending the day in Mosta and Naxxar.

This is the short version of the Malta trip – long version coming when I actually have time to sit and write – so here are a few tidbits.

1. I had the best lentil soup of my life today, in Naxxar. Too bad it was my parents who had ordered it.

2. I finally got to read The Invention of Hugo Cabret!

3. Mom’s luggage still hasn’t come, but she did find out today that she could submit receipts from her first four days without luggage and get reimbursed. Today’s day five. Too bad she didn’t buy anything.

4. I love how many cats Malta has. I think I am acting like a person who really really wants a baby, except with me, it’s a cat.

5. I know more about the Maltese limestone quarry industry than you. I’m just saying…

Lauren and Allen in Malta

Here Allen and I are in Marsaxlokk, which graces the cover of every guidebook on Malta.


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  1. AJ said,

    Yo, if I was going to Moulin Rouge, what would be the best way to get tickets for a Saturday night? Also, we think we’re going on a trip to Versailles on Wednesday.. I think we’ll just get tour bus tickets prior to. I’m pretty excited to see you guys and tour this Paris place, it sounds fun!

    Hope you guys are having a blast in Malta, tell mom and dad I said “what’s up”!

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