March 12, 2008

Malta pictures have arrived – narrative to follow!

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We’re back from Malta, and while I haven’t posted an account of our trip yet, I wanted to take care of a few housekeeping tasks to keep you up to date!

First of all, I’ve been cataloguing and captioning my pictures throughout the trip, so I was able to upload them all tonight. Check the Picasa link on the left, or try this one for Malta, and don’t forget Gozo. Be forewarned; there are 540 pictures between the two albums. So I’ve also posted an album of highlights from our trip.

Second, I’d like to answer some questions for you. So here are the questions I wanted to cover while on my trip. Let’s say I did some research.

Will it actually rain the whole time we’re in Malta? Actually, it hardly rained at all! We did get stuck in some miserable drizzle on Saturday, but the rain warmed the weather a little. Most of the vacation was sun, sun, and more sun. I didn’t wear my jacket one day.

What is there to do there really? What? How did I not already know how much there is to do in Malta? In fact, I’m sorry I didn’t because we missed out on the Hypogeum, a megalithic cave system, because we hadn’t reserved tickets in advance. But we could have stayed another week and stayed busy. Some of my favorites were the Azure Window on Gozo and the fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

Will we get in a car accident in the country with the highest road accident rate in Europe? We almost witnessed a few. And in the courtesy shuttle back from Valletta, we almost hit a bus. A British woman with pink hair said to the driver, “Oh, you just missed him. Don’t worry – we’ll get him next time.”

Will Allen throw up on the plane? Despite portents that made me assign a 90% probability of vomit on this vacation, there was none! Allen’s flu went away, and I survived motion sickness scares from taxis, buses, airport shuttles, airplanes, and very small boats on very big waves. Malta is full of miracles.

Will Mom and I do anything but stitch? I accomplished very little on this front.

Will we return to France totally broke? Suffice it to say, yes.

Will I be allowed back into France with my original entry visa? Another Maltese miracle. I hate to say this out loud, but no one looked at my passport when I arrived in France. I don’t mean that no one noticed my visa. I mean, no one asked to see my passport at all. Vive la France!



  1. Tanja Cilia said,

    I’ve been here for nigh on fifty years, and I still haven’t seen everything there is to see, either!

  2. Phyllis Jordan said,

    Dear Lauren,

    Sounds like Malta was fun, fun, fun. Say Hi to your Mom and Dad. The Weather Channel said you were having high wind yesterday (65 mph), hope you all are OK.

    Take care. I have enjoyed reading your blog.


  3. Dad said,

    As is normally the case, I didn’t make any of the highlight reels…and it’s probably a good thing. You forgot to mention we completed that 10+ mile walk barefoot. It still amazes me that a small island like Malta could have such an extensive, interesting history. We will talk about this vacation for years to come. Thanks to you and Allen for making it so memorable! A special thanks to Allen however…for laughing at my jokes. Baaaaaaaaaa (spelling the sound of a goat). Allen’s probably laughing right now.

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