April 1, 2008

We call these distractions…

Posted in Blogging, Daily life tagged , , , , at 11:23 pm by Lauren

Hey look, everyone! More blog posts about how Lauren doesn’t post on her blog anymore!

I’m catching up in a very non-linear nothing-can-be-posted-here-until-it’s-chronological fashion. In the meantime, I see that all my lovely friends continue to read my blog, except on the weekends. I also see several quite amusing tidbits in the search terms. (Amusing to a self-absorbed lover of one’s own blog, that is.) I thought I’d share some of the recent searches that found me, for better or for worse:

grate walk – Did you really want to hear about walking on grates? Can you not spell? Or is it a “thing?”

“Are there Roman ruins in Paris, France?” – Glad I could help. If you need anymore information on the foremost expert on ancient Lutetia, please let me know.

eiffel tower hot air balloon – One word: POP!

My favorite and the most unfortunate was poor “places to go with toddlers tampa” who found a blog post about toddlers almost drowning in Tampa swimming pools. Sorry about that. I guess you won’t be bringing your kid to the public pool now.

In the meantime, while I’ve been neglecting my blog, I’ve been working on some of life’s more important questions:

1. Yoga? (This is a yes or no question, as yet unanswered.)

2. Am I a bad spouse? (Yes, but I am in recovery. Operation belated birthday gift went off with the appropriate fanfare for a late present.)

3. When exactly am I going to go off in French at someone? (I can feel it coming. After a confrontation with a surly ticket-seller yesterday I rehearsed a pretty fluent tirade in my head.)

4. What is the meaning of life? (Vacation. I have been planning lots and lots of vacations – oh yes, I have!)

More, more, and more to come!


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