April 4, 2008

Boy wizard sightings

Posted in Air Travel, Travel tagged , , , , , , at 1:11 pm by Lauren

No, I didn’t see Daniel Radcliffe. But I did see a life-sized Lego Harry Potter. AND Hagrid. And of course I took pictures.

I saw Harry on the way in, and Hagrid on the way back to Paris. In some perverse way, I was happy we missed our flight so I could take a picture of Hagrid. I mean, otherwise, this wouldn’t have been documented for you at all! And I know my Weird Tour is important to you. (If this were in Paris, it would totally join the Weird Tour. So I guess it will just have to expand to be my Weird Tour of the World.)

I realize this is probably an advertisement for a Lego model of Hogwarts, but if anyone wants to join me in a summer project of building Hermione or Buckbeak, just let me know. I might have some time on my hands.


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