April 12, 2008

Vol des Conchords

Posted in TV and movies tagged , , at 9:19 pm by Lauren

In the spirit of believing everything I see on television, I’d like to share all that I learned at babysitting on March 22. At 11 pm, just as I was getting bored, Flight of the Conchords came on! But not just any Flight of the Conchords. No, this was super-charged Flight of the Conchords with French subtitles. I only got to watch about 15 minutes of the first episode, but I learned a few nifty things in French because of it.

They’re off the hook. = Ils sont a tomber.

Good work, Dave. = Bien joue, Dave.

I do my dance moves. = Je fais mes pas de danse.

part-time model = mannequin a mi-temps

feel each other up = se tripoter

for like six months = pendant genre six mois.

typo = faute de frappe

when you’re hooking up = quand on emballe

That sucks. = Ca craint.

idiot = debilos

another musician’s girlfriend = la nana d’un autre musicos

You can thank me later, folks. For now, go out in the world and spread your vast knowledge.


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  1. Ah, Flight of the Conchords. I only wish I had found them earlier!

    I admire you catching up on your blogging. I have enjoyed reading about your visitors, vacations and …

    I tried hard to think of a third “v” word (to get the alliteration) but could not come up with anything sensical (I think I made that up) and witty!

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