April 15, 2008

Breakfast in America

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Friday, March 28


Breakfast for dinner! We’d intended to go to an American restaurant to get Allen a fat, juicy burger for his belated birthday dinner, but when a free night came, he suggested we get breakfast the next day instead. But why wait for morning? I suggested we go to Breakfast in America, a diner nearby. We were hungry for a stack of pancakes drizzled with sweet syrup, and we weren’t disappointed. We both ordered the Deuces Wild – two pancakes, two eggs, and two slices of bacon. Yes, bacon! In Paris! We gobbled our food and slurped up the milkshakes (banana for me, chocolate for Allen). Making dinner even sweeter was the low price of 7.50 euros (about $10) for our dinners. (Par contre, the milkshakes were something like 6 euros each – ouch!)


When I leave France, I’ll probably miss the food more than anything else, but I’m not going to lie: those pancakes were good.


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  1. Cate said,

    Also handy for a time-out meal for those shameful American tourists who visit Paris without ever having learned anything beyond ’emergency French’. …I admit nothing. But the pancakes ARE really good! 😉

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