April 17, 2008

Spouses who look like siblings?

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We tackle the tough questions here at Chez Schmanz.


Tonight (April 4) at dinner with a dozen dark-haired French people, Allen and I once again heard the comment that we look alike. Sometimes I can’t believe that anyone, upon finding out that we’re married (or in the past, dating), would even bother to voice this opinion. How rude! Other times, I find it funnier, and fortunately this dinner was one of those times. After all, as I told our dinner companions, my three brothers and I don’t really look that much alike, so it’s interesting to hear that I look like my husband’s sister. (At least, I never considered us to look that much alike – different color eyes (except Alan and I both have brown) and different shades of hair – though in this picture our hair colors look more similar and our eye colors are hard to tell, and Philip and Alan have a resemblence to each other. But I think the question is – if you saw me walking down the street with one of these guys, would you ask if we were brother and sister?)



When I look at pictures of Allen and I together, I see my rounder face and his narrower, his blue eyes to my brown, my dark eyebrows to his barely visible, his reddish blond hair to my more-brown-than-blond-now hair. I suppose we both have freckles and tend to the pale (though he’s pinker). But to the French, who are more rarely blond than Americans, I could see how we fairer folk might look more alike. (Not one other person at the table had a hair color other than dark brown. And even with my hair that’s morphed firmly into the light brown or extremely dirty blond category, I seem much more fair.) Still, we’ve gotten the brother-sister comment more than once in the U.S. as well.


And maybe we do look alike. Joachin said, “On rassemble qui se ressemble,” which means that those of us who look alike group together. I just never expect the comments. I’ve seen siblings who look alike, but usually it’s to the point that you feel they could be twins (if only they were the same age). And I’ve certainly had my own family experience where siblings all have different hair colors, eye colors, and builds.


There’s a picture of us here, if you’d like to decide what you think. I guess if I get sick of the comments in a few years, I’ll just dye my hair darker.


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  1. Colleen said,

    aaw, I haven’t seen all you guys since your wedding. Hope to see you sometime soon 😉

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