May 16, 2008


Posted in Exploring, Travel tagged , , , at 12:24 am by Lauren

In the spirit of the unphotographed doony, I bring you two pictures taken in Grenoble (La Tronche, actually) in the sunny month of May. And I ask you this:

What’s wrong with this picture?

And this one?

Weird Tour of Grenoble, if you ask me. 🙂



  1. AJ said,

    Um, the lightbulb is missing, and the “U.S. Mail”??? Kinda funny with the mailbox.

  2. BJ said,

    Um, the light casing is empty too. And, the second picture was one taken in the US before you left. You are tricky ones!

  3. Lauren said,

    Maybe the first picture isn’t as clear as an example as could be of…Christmas decorations up year-round in Grenoble.

    And that U.S. Mail box was definitely found in France!

  4. BJ said,


    Are you sure that mail box wasn’t the one we saw in Sedona?

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