May 16, 2008

The length of a year

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , , at 11:49 am by Lauren

A year is too long…

To be away from your baby niece.

To live in an apartment without a proper kitchen and a bed on stilts.

To be unable to have a regular job (especially for my American sensibilities of needing to be “productive” all the time).

To say something stupid every single time you interact with another human.

To put up with the dollar-euro exchange rate (which is devaluing our sole salary).

A year is not long enough…

To establish a proper social life in a foreign country.

To see everything in Paris.

To get to the level of fluency in French I’d like to be.

To forget where home is, or was, and to reassign its location.

To try all of the amazing restaurants in Paris.

A year is perfect…

To make a few great friends (specifically, Mimi & Jack and Antoine & Typhaine).

To figure out your favorite bakery and try 75% of the food in it.

To brush up on French enough that it’s not completely embarrassing.

To have a few people around the neighborhood recognize you and say hello, and to run into friends on the street.

To appreciate a city you weren’t in love with when you moved.



  1. Steven Gosap said,

    I love how you post in spurts…nothing, nothing, nothing, then BAM! You hit us big! 🙂

  2. Sarah said,

    Your blog rocks.

  3. Sara said,

    Wonderfully put, Lauren.

  4. […] bet you totally get why we’ve been bummed to be away from her so long! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Posting pictures, at […]

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