May 20, 2008

Accidental retrospective

Posted in Daily life, family tagged , at 12:39 am by Lauren

I was preparing some pictures of Allen and I for my adorable niece tonight, and I got a kick out of the pictures of us from the past year. Here we are looking all fresh-faced and young at the end of October 2007. (We’re both officially in our late twenties now! Ah, how time flies. Haha.)


And strangely, this picture of me with ALL THESE FRECKLES was only taken two weeks before. (Suspicious!)


Then here we are in February at AOC. We’re looking a bit worn, maybe a little awkward at taking pictures in restaurants.


The end of March sees us looking and feeling a bit more comfortable, if perhaps also more FREEZING COLD. (Could we be bundled up more? My memory says, “Why weren’t you??”)


And by the end of April, we’d not a care in the world, and we were much more at ease. What will the end of May bring? Or for that matter, the end of June?


By the way, Katie, my niece, is hysterical. We talked on the phone last night, and she would yell, “Hi Tonton Allen!” (She says it like “Toto” or “Todo,” which is sweet.) And then I’d say, “This isn’t Tonton Allen, it’s Aunt Lauren.” And then she’d say, “Nooooo.” Like, “You are crazy, lady, because I know I’m talking to my uncle, so just admit it.” So then she’d yell it more insistently: “HI TONTON ALLEN!” Ha!

Here’s a picture of the little darling. She’s 19 months old now! I stole it from Stephanie’s blog, just because I’m not sure she wants me linking everyone to her baby blog. I’ll be asking.

And this is one of our favorite Katie pictures. She dressed up as Ripley for Halloween! (She’s 12 months old here.)

I bet you totally get why we’ve been bummed to be away from her so long!


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  1. Steven Gosap said,

    Happy Birthday Lauren! I love the chronology photos…can’t wait to see what June will bring!

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