June 8, 2008

Gosap goes to Mexico!

Posted in Blogging, Travel tagged , , , at 12:16 am by Lauren

Just as Allen and I are Schmanz, our close friends Brandi and Steven are Gosap. And Team Gosap is off on an international adventure of their own: five weeks in Guadalajara, Mexico. The stated purpose* is to attend a language school to improve their Spanish, but the trip will be so much more. Steven (the Go- half) is returning to the homeland. Will he glory in his indigineous roots or feel uprooted? Brandi (formerly of -sap fame) will be vying for the title of Miss Blondest Mexico. She’s a real contender.

We’ll be following Border Crossings, their new blog, very closely during the next five weeks and suggest you do the same!

*Gosap, remember this? “State your purpose!” at the Cheesecake Factory in Arlington. “I’m here to eat!”



  1. BJ said,

    How could anyone leave Norman, OK while summer workouts are in progress?

  2. Steven Gosap said,

    I just found this posting!!! This is quite possible one of my favorite blog posts. Ever. In the history of blogging…

    We need to add you to our blog roll! (but first we need to figure out how to do that!)

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