June 16, 2008


Posted in Food tagged , , , , at 2:59 pm by Lauren

With 15 days and counting down quickly, we’re indulging a little with the extra euros from my now full-time babysitting schedule. A crepe here, a carton of Berthillon sorbet there (citron vert these days), a choice from the wide assortment of meringues available everywhere. One of our favorite things to do is have what we like to call a “bakery dinner.” We visit our favorite bakery and pick up one salty thing and one dessert. I’m partial to the feuilletes for dinner – some yummy filling like goat cheese and spinach or chicken curry between thin pastry leaves – and Allen almost always chooses quiche. Then for dessert, it’s a red fruit tart for Allen and a banane (vanilla layer cake under a thick icing in the color and shape of a banana) or a strawberry tart for me.

I think I know what’s on the menu for tonight!


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  1. Steven said,

    How wonderfully tasty-sounding. So, where do you guys actually go after you leave Paris? Will we get a blog post about this, or is it too soon?

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