June 20, 2008

The countdown goes below 10 days…

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , , , at 10:48 pm by Lauren

Everything is flying by around us these days, and suddenly we’ve only got about ten days left before we return Stateside. Our lives and our thoughts are both jumbles, so this blog post will be somewhat of a jumble as well.

What’s coming up? Saturday and Sunday, we’ll be in Maubeuge (near the Belgian border) visiting Allen’s French family. This will be my first time meeting them. Tuesday night we’re having dinner with Mimi and Jack, and they’re getting a babysitter! Next Saturday we may hit an art market. We’d like to get in one more dinner at L’Epicerie Fuxia (otherwise known as “the Italian place”) and one more at AOC. Other than that, we’re working every day (except Monday for me), and I’m going to cram in as many yoga classes as I can stand. There’s also a nice bottle of champagne to drink, courtesy of a family I tutor for. Maybe we’ll drink it while we finish packing.

Last weekend, we babysat Mimi and Jack’s kids for the weekend and let them get away. You can see some pictures from our trip to the menagerie at the Jardin des Plantes here. We ate dinner at a creperie with Antoine and Typhaine last night, saying our first major goodbye. Mimi and I had sushi for lunch on Thursday, and we had a yummy Thai dinner and general talk-fest on Tuesday.

Other than that, we’ve been working, working, working. Allen took a short trip to the UK and played a round of golf up there. I have started making friends in parks (yes, the week before we leave), who tell me about/offer me babysitting jobs with many hours. Ha!

Then there’s the question of what happens when we get back. In July, we’ll be living in our house again (back in the upstairs room). In August, we’ll probably be staying in Allen’s parents’ house while they’re vacationing. Come September, our whereabouts will be a mystery. In the meantime, we plan to look for a place in Arlington, as we’re now reasonably sure that we’ll be staying in the DC area.

July will see us cleaning out the basement (lots of stuff down there that we haven’t used or seen in a year), attending Brian’s wedding, visiting my mom’s side of the family, and house hunting. I’ll finish my last masters course, take a standardized test I need for teacher licensure in Virginia, and actually apply for licensure. Allen will start a new position with his current company, as yet undefined.

So here we go, barrelling towards the “next thing.”



  1. Brandilina said,

    The Gosaps would love to welcome you back stateside, and send warm wishes to your last few nights in Paris. LIVE IT UP! Take a lovely romantic walk under the Eiffel Tower. Please! For those of us that have never been there and that may have to wait a while to get there.

    Much love to you, Allen and your new adventures!

  2. Steven said,

    Like a cold drink on a warm Texas summer´s day, this was the blog post I was after! I am sure DC has missed you!

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