July 2, 2008


Posted in Daily life tagged , , , at 8:31 am by Lauren

We have returned. We are alive. And we are buried under a massive to-do list for this week while Allen is off work. Mostly this involves house hunting, but we also need to sort all of the many, many boxes in our basement and purge the things we don’t need. We did 10 hours of house hunting yesterday and saw 25+ houses. I’m tired just thinking about it, but we’re going out to see more today! I hope to write more soon, and yes, the blog will continue! Notice we’re just Chez Schmanz now. And now…off to more adventure!



  1. gosap said,

    Welcome back Chez Schmanz! We are so glad to be able to continue to look through your virtual windows of your house to peek into your lives like the voyers that we are!

  2. Steven said,

    Welcome back!

    It´s a buyer´s market! Buy, buy, buy!

    You guys should get on this TLC show we´ve been watching about couples buying homes called “My First Home”…you could´ve gotten some money to sell your story on TV, even though this is not your first home!

  3. samantha said,

    25+ houses?? That has to be a record!

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