July 8, 2008

Man on the street

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Back in Paris, I started to really feel as if we lived there once we started running into people we knew on the street. There’s something about having your name called on the street, about the surprise, and the happiness to see just about anyone you know. It was one small thing that made Paris my home.

But it’s never something I expect. So I am flabbergasted that I’ve run into three people I know in the last three days! On Friday evening, we were metroing home around midnight when Jenna got on our train. (She’s staying with us, but still – what are the chances that we both caught the same red line train, and that she’d walk up to the door we were sitting next to?)

Saturday at the grocery store, I saw Tavon and his mother. If you worked at my school in 2006/2007, you just fell out of your chair laughing. Oh yes. I was slightly terrified that they would recognize me, so of course they ended up in line directly behind us. (They did not recognize me.) Tavon started asking about the price of candy, and his mom yelled that he’d better not try to spend her twenty dollars, and then there was an argument about whether or not he would get the candy, and I felt like I was back at school again, and nothing had changed.

As if that weren’t enough, Allen and I got on the metro Sunday and ran into Nabila! I had Nabila during my first year of teaching when she was in 7th grade. Now she’s going into 10th! She tried to talk me into applying to teach at her high school, but I told her high schoolers scare me. Somehow, she had heard that I moved to France (when she saw me, she thought it must have been a lie). I am impressed at the former student rumor mill, since she moved before my second year (and thus a full year before I went to France). I was really excited to see her – she’s such a smart and sweet girl, and she just looked really healthy and happy. Her dorky teacher made her take a picture in the middle of the metro.

So I guess we must be home again! It makes me a little sad about moving to Arlington (and seeing Nabila made me miss my students all over again), but before you know it, I’ll be running into friendly faces there too.


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  1. Brandi said,

    Awwww… welcome home! We actually had the same thing happen (being recognized on the street) in Tonalá! By the school security gaurd. It was hilarious. But it did make it feel like home. And now we are leaving tomorrow. The memories live on forever. Welcome home, Schmanz.

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