July 18, 2008

Under ten rocks

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , at 4:46 pm by Lauren

It’s a little busy Chez Schmanz. My graduate class started Wednesday, and that alone would be enough for me to go underground until it’s over. It’s 8:30 to 3:30 daily, with a major project due at least 4 of the 8 class days, and tons of work (like a 20+ page paper) to be done before it ends next Friday.

But that’s the great news! In one week, I will have completed my masters. I’d invite you all over for a massive celebration that Friday, but we have just a couple of other things going on. For one, we found a place to live! That will be all wrapped up directly after my class on Friday. And then on Saturday, we’re moving in! We’ll be back in our old neighborhood, just a few blocks south of our former condo!

So let’s recap: We’ve been in the States 18 days. In that time, I’ve gotten a job, we’ve gotten a house, and I’ve gotten started on my last masters course. I’ve taken a standardized test I needed for teacher licensure. Allen has gone to Trinidad and Daytona Beach, and we have both gone up to Long Island, NY and Greenwich, CT. Did I mention we’ve been in the States just 18 days? I need to go take a nap now!



  1. Steven Gosap said,

    I love it!

    It’s a buyer’s market, and you two are buying! Hooray!

    Yay for graduate degrees! An early congratulations…

    Back to your old stomping grounds….you’ve come full circle.

    Allen in Trinidad! How tropical!

  2. Brandilina said,

    Sister, you are out of control! We have only been back in the states for 7 days, and while I am 1/2 way done with a masters course (2 weeks also) I now feel like a slacker in comparison to you an Allen. Congrats on the job! How far from home? Teaching, I assume? I need some details, sister!

  3. Steven Gosap said,

    Are you an M.Ed. now????

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