July 28, 2008

Red light, green light

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , at 11:18 pm by Lauren

I don’t think I can rightly say I’ve come up for air yet, just because being under for so long has left me a little disoriented. Usually things build and progress over a longer period of time, and small things finish, and other things begin, and on and on it goes. But in the past month, we’ve had a rush of energy, a burst of activity, and suddenly all of it is over at the same time, leaving a temporary vacuum.

Today is July 28, which means that we have spent a full four weeks back in the States. They may have been the busiest four weeks of my life (though I suspect I’ve said that before). I could go on and on about it, but it will be easier to sum up with just a couple of sentences. I’m finished with my masters courses, and my degree should be conferred on August 9. (I haven’t decided what, if anything, I’d like to do to celebrate. I’m thinking sleep.) And Allen and I have not only found but actually moved into our new house.

So I’m sitting here in this house now, looking around wondering what to do. Of course, it’s covered with boxes, so I could unpack. The internet is down here in the basement, which is amazingly free of boxes. (That is because I’d love to go through some more of the boxes to try to reduce the amount of stuff we own before we just store it all away and forget to look at it for five years.) So it’s easy to forget that I should be unpacking.

Speaking of those boxes to unpack, one of them has a periodic beep coming from it, and I cannot imagine what little electronic device is causing it. When we heard it in the basement, we had hoped that somehow it was something in the other house, but as Allen was packing the truck, he heard this beep on the truck and knew we were taking it with us. We’ve now narrowed it down to one of the boxes in the living room, but there are at least twenty-five boxes in there. Whenever I put my ear next to a box in the area it seems to be coming from, the beep will come again from the opposite side of the room. I think it can throw its voice. I cannot wait to figure out what it is (and throw it out the window).

And then there’s painting! I’m heading to Benjamin Moore tomorrow, I think, to pick up a fan deck with the historical colors paint palette. I love, love, love picking out paint colors, so I’ve been spending time in each room waiting for inspiration. But having the fan deck in hand will keep me deliberating for days. Allen will be happy he’s in Indianapolis all week, but don’t worry – I’ll send him colors from the website.

I’ll also be prepping for school this week, calling to see if I can move in my classroom library stuff and completing the prodigious amounts of employment paperwork. I got my TB test this morning.

Finally, Allen and I have begun the adoption process to get a couple of cats! There are two pairs of cats/kittens that we are considering. I’ve met one pair, and we’re going to meet the second pair this weekend. So the faster I get the house together, the faster we can have pets. Oh right, and the faster we can have guests. So much to look forward to!


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