August 1, 2008

Shaking things up

Posted in Moving on up tagged , , , at 2:02 pm by Lauren

Getting used to new house noises has been a little eerier being alone in the house. Allen has been in Indianapolis all week, and I can’t blame the creaks on his footsteps. Early on, I decided that a lot of the creaking and shakes were due to the medium-heavy traffic on George Mason.

But yesterday, the house upped its game by ejecting two electrical plugs out of the walls. One was the iPod speakers, which I was using, and the music cut off abruptly as the plug clattered to the floor. I was standing in the next room (probably reading my journal) and ran in to see what on earth happened. Later, I was surprised to turn my computer on and see that it was not charging, when I’d plugged it in earlier in the day. This time the plug was just hanging out of the wall.

And yesterday and this morning, I got a little spooked because the gate to the backyard was open. It’s one of those big wooden two-door gates that latches (and can let a car through, if we wanted to park higher up). Yesterday, I came home from turning in my employment paperwork and found the gate ajar. I thought a person had snuck (not snuck very successfully, granted) into our backyard. I looked around, saw no one, and made sure the gate latch clicked into place when I went back around front. But then this morning I sat down at the computer and looked out the window to see that the gate was unlatched again and blowing in the wind.

I still think it’s the traffic. Unless it’s a ghost who doesn’t like my taste in music.


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  1. Steven Gosap said,

    Perhaps a haunting??? That’s always my go-to reasoning for things like this because I just love ghosts and the supernatural so much. Are there any DC ghost hunting/paranormal societies? Keep track of what happens and when, like a log – it’s evidence.

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