August 3, 2008

Two beautiful kittens still looking for a home

Posted in cats tagged , , , , , , at 6:50 pm by Lauren

I wanted to put up a separate post about Shadow and Boo, two of the kittens we met yesterday. This adorable pair is still looking for a home, and they’re just about the cutest cats I have ever, ever seen.

Shadow and Boo are not brother and sister, but bonded at their foster home, and they stick close to one another. Shadow is a couple of weeks older, but both of them are around 4-5 months old. Shadow is pure black and moves like a panther. Boo has truly beautiful tortoiseshell markings, and both of them are soft and sleek.

These guys were a little skittish around us at first, but it was clear that in less than a week that they’d be as comfortable with a new owner as they are with their fosters. Both of them love to play, but Boo dominates Shadow, even though she’s the smaller of the two. Boo leaps and bats the feather toy, and Shadow waits until she’s tuckered out to have a go at it himself. At one point the two of them pounced on each other for a little wrestling match. And when Boo got tired, she laid down on my purse, as if claiming it, which really tugged at my heartstrings.

Playing warmed them up to us, and they allowed us to pet their faces and backs – the longer we stayed, the more comfortable they were with us. Boo even forgot herself for a minute and let me pick her up. She relaxed in my arms for a minute before remembering I was still a stranger! Shadow flopped over and purred loudly as I pet his belly – and during our play session, he kept going over to the fosters to get some petting from them. It was so obvious that they’d settle in comfortably once they found their new home, and that they’d both be really loving and affectionate once they trusted their new owners.

It really tore me up to have to choose between the two pairs of cats we met because they all had great personalities. The hard part about choosing to not adopt Shadow and Boo was to know that we wouldn’t really be watching the cats we chose grow up – and these guys are at a point where they’re litter-trained (so not as much work as a little bitty kitten) but still just as fuzzy-cute and rough-and-tumble as the next kitten. I’d have to say that they’re the perfect age for kittens!

The good news (for you, the cat lover!) is that these guys are still out there for adoption. If you’re thinking of adopting cats or kittens, you should really consider adopting a pair because cats behave a whole lot better if they’ve got a partner, particularly if you are at work all day. And I’d argue that you should really consider adopting black or partially black cats because they have a harder time getting adopted – and you can’t tell me there is any cat alive cuter than these two blackies.

If you do want to know more about Shadow and Boo particularly, they’re being fostered at Homeward Trails in the Washington, DC/Northern Virginia area, and their Petfinder page is here: On it, you’ll find contact information for their adoption coordinator, so you can get in touch and set up a visit with them. You should note that though the adoption fee for the pair is $150, a representative from Homeward Trails suggested that they would be willing to get them altered before you adopt them (Shadow is old enough, and Boo is just getting to that age), so that you could adopt them with spaying/neutering already done for just $50 more (which is much less than you’d pay a vet to alter both animals).

I’m just hoping for a good home for these little darlings. After meeting them and Spark and Toby, I really just wanted to adopt them all! If you do inquire after adopting them, tell their foster that Lauren sent you.


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