August 7, 2008

Illicit painting and a slumber party

Posted in Daily life, Home Improvement tagged , , at 11:58 am by Lauren

I was so excited about painting that I snuck it in to two too-short-to-paint times yesterday. Before meeting Jenna for some back-to-school shopping, I painted for an hour and fifteen minutes and got the main first coat on. Then I had to clean, clean, clean and run out the door. Later, I returned home with too little time before Catherine was coming over to stay the night. I painted for 45 minutes before she arrived, working on edging around the trim. (And then, of course, clean, clean, clean.)

Catherine and I ended up going back to Ann Taylor Loft because after I’d bought all kinds of teaching-appropriate clothes (I’ve been highly casual in the last year), I got a 20% off coupon in the mail the same day. Argh. Usually Loft won’t make an adjustment, but I brought the clothes back to the same store and asked nicely, and they did, saving me almost $40. Phew! “Enough for dinner,” Catherine said, and sure enough I spent a chunk of it on our dinner at Faccia Luna. We shared a delicious plate of grilled calimari with a slightly spicy marinara sauce and then a mouth-watering chicken, bacon, and barbeque pizza.

Afterwards, Catherine and I talked and talked and talked, until we were both exhausted, and that was the end of a very good night. And in the wake of that, today I’ll be painting all day, covering the rest of the white spaces, putting on a second coat, and cutting in to the trim. Off I go!


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