August 16, 2008

Break me off a piece of that…tooth? toe?

Posted in Daily life tagged , , , , , at 11:34 am by Lauren

I am literally falling apart these days. Last week, I was flossing (yes, flossing!) and a piece of my tooth fell out in my mouth. Talk about negative reinforcement. I mean, if I’m flossing, I should be finding a $20 bill that I forgot about in my pocket – every time. That would be better for my flossing habits. Having a tooth chip out while flossing is just bad policy.

I finally got to the dentist yesterday – fortunately, it didn’t hurt – and they said I had a filling in that tooth, and a piece of the tooth fell off the side, leaving the filling intact. They were able to fill just the part of the tooth that I lost, which is a relief because I am no stranger to huge dental bills (like crowns). Happily, my dentist had had a cancellation, so she filled the crown, and did my check-up and cleaning right then, so I’m set for another six months. (In other good news, no new cavities or other problems! On my last visit, that happened to me for the first time since I was 12, and I’m happy that a year and a half later, I’m still problem-free (if you don’t count teeth chipping out on a whim).)

But after having my tooth fixed yesterday, something else had to go. In a freak toe-stubbing, I started to walk around Allen, misjudged the distance between his shoe and my foot, and whacked my little toe into his shoe. It bent at a right angle away from my foot and AUDIBLY SNAPPED! Not only was the pain immense, but I thought I was going to be sick from hearing the toe actually crack. I started breathing a little too fast, and Allen was looking at me with concern. He got me some ice and some food, and I calmed down. However, when I woke up this morning, my toe was still swollen, and there’s a bruise inside my pinky toe (where the snap would have occurred). I will call the doctor on Monday to see what, if anything, I should do if the toe is actually broken.

I hope I can hold myself together when I go back to work on Monday!


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