August 20, 2008

Toe woes

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Monday morning, I called my doctor’s office, asked to speak to one of the doctors, and explained what had happened with my toe to see if the doctor thought I should come in. I know that broken toes are rarely treated because there’s just not much you can do. But the doctor thought it would be a good idea if I came in that day, so I set an appointment to go there after teacher orientation.

In my appointment, I explained the basics of how I hurt it and showed the doctor the ugly bruise on the inside of my toe. I told her that it didn’t really hurt much when I walked, and that I wasn’t taking any painkillers (not one Advil!). She recommended an x-ray to confirm whether I had broken it and to make sure everything was still lined up properly.

Then I headed down to radiology, which was a strange sort of deja vu. The last time I’d been in the hospital center, I’d returned two consecutive days to get my foot checked out, and I ended up in x-ray on the first. On the second, I ended up with crutches (not a fracture, but gout so painful I couldn’t put my foot to the ground), being wheeled in a chair into Stephanie’s room to meet my brand new niece.

I had my foot x-rayed, and the tech said she wanted the radiology doctor to give his opinion on the x-rays. She put me in a room where I waited for him to look at them, then call my doctor, then have my doctor call on the small phone in the room. I’d heard that they call your doctor immediately if there is a fracture, so I figured this was just a method of letting you hear the news from your own doctor. Indeed, when my doctor called, she said that the radiology doctor had said I had a “pretty significant fracture” and that I must be “in quite a bit of pain.” She confirmed what I had said about not really being in much pain at all and referred me to an orthopedist to ensure that the fracture would heal properly. My understanding is that the orthopedist will take a look at the x-rays, talk the situation over with me, and monitor the healing to make sure it heals cleanly. In the meantime, I’m just walking around like nothing happened, just with an ugly bruise and a slight limp.


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