August 21, 2008

Update after the orthopedist

Posted in Daily life tagged , , at 5:48 pm by Lauren

The orthopedist didn’t think my fracture looked messy or complicated or troublesome in any way. He asked me a few questions and said that the general rule for broken toes is: do what is comfortable and wear what is comfortable. So I can exercise or wear closed-toed shoes, as long as my foot feels fine. (However, this sounds like a great excuse to wear sandals to school for 4-6 weeks while my toe heals.)

And that’s that! No more visits, no treatment or restrictions. Well, except one: he said I shouldn’t kick my husband any more.



  1. Elliott said,

    I am glad you are feeling better. If possible, Teresa would wear sandals all year round. Don’t give her any ideas.

  2. Lauren said,

    I would support Teresa in this. I so prefer an unencumbered foot! I thought about asking the doctor for an actual note to give my school, saying I had to wear open-toed shoes.

  3. Brandilina said,

    Lauren, we have talked and talked about not kicking Allen. When needed, kick a pillow – less damage to your person. GLAD there is no necessary other treatments – but sorry you broke your toe!

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