August 27, 2008

The weird things that cats do

Posted in cats tagged , at 6:23 pm by Lauren

It’s really fun having the cats around. Sometimes they want to snuggle, and sometimes they’re racing around the house, but there’s always something interesting going on.

Pax has started a small collection in the dining room. So far he has contributed an empty tape roll, a tube of lipstick, and two cork coasters to it. He picks them up around the house and knocks them back and forth until they end up in what’s turning into a little pile on top of our drop cloth.

Trouble has slept curled around my head or butting up against me for the past week. While Pax will sleep at the foot of the bed, Trouble must be actually touching me. I wouldn’t have thought I’d be able to sleep with a warm, purring cat next to me, but it hasn’t been disturbing me nearly as much as I’d have thought.

Last night I took a look at Pax’ claws again, and one of them was long and sharp again already! I had to clip it, but the others were still growing back out. Trouble, on the other hand, just got his claws clipped a few days ago, when I figured out how to subdue him during the clipping: sit on him. Trouble will straddle a lying down Pax to clean him, so I tried straddling Trouble, and he was calm and unmoving (unlike when I tried to hold his paw and clip the claws that way).

Yesterday, Cate came over to cross stitch, and we shut ourselves into the cat-hair-free guest room. The cats sat outside the room the whole time and ran to the door any time we came out. I got a kick out of the guard duty.

And the same kind of attention applies just about any time I’m in the house. They have to be in the same room, and they’ll wake up to move and sleep in another room if you move. They run to the door, tags-a-jingling, when we get home and stay at our feet no matter where we go. How did we get so lucky with these cats?


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